April 3, 2008

They’re trying to get rid of XP!

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Microsoft is set to discontinue XP on June 30, 2008, follow this link below and complete this petition. Hopefully, if enough people complete this petition, Microsoft will decide not to discontinue XP due to the fact that so many people like it.
Please complete this petition. We’ve only got a little longer!


April 2, 2008

Okay Firefox, shape up or ship out.

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Firefox is crashing at and When I’m on IE, like I am now, IE doesn’t crash, but no, Firefox does, the alleged, “Superior” browser.

Yahoo’ gone wrong.

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Firefox has been crashing every time I log out of my email and I couldn’t figure out why. The reason was the Yahoo! homepage. Whenever I visit it  Firefox crashes. That’s odd.

I need a new name

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I need a new name for my website, any ideas?

March 28, 2008

Free Adobe Photoshop.

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There’s a website in the Beta version by Adobe where you can sign up and then use the Adobe Photoshop programs free. The website is called Adobe Photoshop Express Beta. It’s pretty cool.


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I recently checked out and it’s pretty cool. It’s like Skype and Remote Assistance combined. I plan to try it out at Lego in a couple days.

March 18, 2008

A New Computer in the house.

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Today my mom got a new INSPIRON 1520 Dell Laptop. It looks nice and I’d like to say it ran very fast but I can’t. I was installing my basic software choices, CCleaner, AdAware and Firefox and it wasn’t noticeably fast. This might be because I was downloading them from IE(6). The boot up wasn’t extremely fast either. Well not noticeably faster than my INSPIRON 9300. Oh well. At least it’s new.

March 17, 2008

Oh my gosh. To many options.

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I decided earlier today that I would make an HTML website. This sounds stupid but it really wasn’t. I had the makings of a page already, a template, CSS file, and I knew enough HTML to get me by. I want most of the features that are here at WordPress with more control over the look of my page. I realize that I can do that with the Edit CSS feature but it costs about $15 U.S dolors. That’s way to much for just that. But anyway. I was looking for a way to have a form on my website where people could email me about my site. The normal (<form method=”post” action=””etc) did not work for me. I then did a Google search for HTML form creators (which would hopefully work, i figured if someone else made it then maybe it would work) and I found a couple good results. The problem. One result was WuFoo WuFoo sounded great but it 1. sends all the comments to the WuFoo website and I can only create three forms before I can’t make any more. I got other results like and others but I finally figures it just wasn’t worth it. I’m not giving up, ho no, but it’s just this. I have a great website that is getting lots of views a day. If I were to change websites then I would be totally throwing away all this work and starting over again. The other reason was this. I now have 30+ posts on my home page. If I were to move my site then I would have to go into 30 individual posts and copy and past them. Not a good idea. I have tried moving my website to places like Google Page Creator, Microsoft Small Business and I have tried doing a HTML website before. None have worked.

March 12, 2008

Posting on the right website is great.

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I posted a comment on Wade’s Geekport and I’ve had tons of visitors click on my comment I posted on Geekport to get to my website. This just goes to show that if you post on the right websites you’ll get the visitors streaming in.

March 10, 2008

Ooh, your on the bleeding edge, so what?

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There’s a whole bunch of new things coming out all the time. There’s new software, hardware such as, faster hard drives, better graphic cards and the oh so cool new headset the really hasn’t changed any from your last one. As for software, there’s new security programs coming out all the time, such as IE8 Beta, Firefox 3 beta 2 and a host of other programs. Then on top of that, after you’ve downloaded the new version of Firefox, Firefox 3 Beta 2, you figure out that it wont work for all the things you want it to! and the same for hardware, you buy a new flash drive and then, lo and behold, the next time you go to the store it’s marked at half the price it was when you bought it! my point being, there’s no point in being on the bleeding edge of technology, sure it’s fun going up to your friend and saying, “oh, check out my sweet iPhone” or “IE8 works so much better than IE7, I can’t believe your using IE7 still” that’s all great but not everyone needs to have the newest. If something works for you and doesn’t compromise your productivity keep it. With the exception of security software. Always want to be on the bleeding edge there.

March 8, 2008

Where did you come from again?

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I’m having visits to my site, that is, people clicking on links to my blog to get to my blog from places like Microsoft Technet, PC Utilities, PC Magazine and PC Advisor. I have commented on and but Microsoft Technet? PC Utilities? You can’t comment on those websites. So, how are they directing traffic to my website?

March 5, 2008

Getting the word out.

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How to get the word out about your site. Well you can do a few things, you can go around and post INTELLIGENT comments on other peoples website showing that you know what your talking about, you can put your website on a site like, you can email other people about your site (though that’s not very effective), and adding your site to Google doesn’t help, I did awhile ago with perfect keywords and I haven’t got one person from a Google search come to my website. This is all fine and dandy but the best way to get more traffic is to 1. Post on other peoples websites, 2. wait. Eventually the word will spread and little by little you’ll get more and more visitors.

March 4, 2008

Remote Assistance vs Remote Desktop?

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Remote Desktop let’s you connect to a computer and have total control over that computer as long as you have the computer’s password. Remote Assistance is where you can get control of a computer but someone has to be on both ends, whereas in Remote Desktop your the only one that needs to be a t a computer. Also in Remote Assistance, along with someone having to let you see said computer someone also has to let you have control, not with Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop is a good option but you “can’t” get it in XP home, or at least that’s what most think. That’s not true though. You can download third-party widgets that will let you use Remote Desktop via Yahoo! widgets or you can go to this website. This website will tell you how to make XP Home think it’s XP Pro. This is pretty complicated though. I wouldn’t recommend it, just download something with a good review from Yahoo! Widgets.


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I got an account at and I thought it was great. At you get a TON of features, almost any widget you could want! there’s only one problem. Their website hosting is horrible! you get this tiny page with ads on the top that stand out like a sore thumb. Lame lame lame! Great widgets but that’s it. And the only place the Widgets work is probably on the lame Bravenet site!

A great website.

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There’s a great website if your looking for fighter planes called Fighter Planes Great info and pictures also.

March 2, 2008

Upgrade your system.

Filed under: Uncategorized — computerempire @ 6:31 pm is a great place to find out what your system is using hardware wise, decide what to upgrade and in general, learn more about your system. is another great website that will do just about the same thing.

A computer needs sleep to.

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A computer needs sleep to. Recently I wasn’t turning off my PC and it was getting really slow. I was getting pretty mad because I had been running CCleaner, AdAware and a virus scan about daily and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then I actually turned the computer off and it was like it was brand new (compared to what it was like)! I couldn’t believe it! since then I usually turn it off for the night as much as I can. And another thing. You can’t leave a program running. I, okay, my mom, left Firefox open and it gradually took up more and more CPU usage as it was left on there longer, kinda like a person after him/her has been working for awhile. I knew that it kept taking up more and more because when you open Firefox it takes up about, oh, 5 to 10% tops and when I opened Windows Task Manager later on it was taking up about 50-70%! and all it was doing was sitting with Firefox open to a Amazon shopping cart. And running programs like TrueTransparency will drain my resources too. As I got to shit down the computer it takes awhile to open the window with the option with TrueTransparency. And if you’re running Microsoft Office 2007, don’t get me started! it takes up a pretty good amount of CPU usage! and that’s because, just like all of Microsoft’ new software, it’s looks go hand-in-had with Vista. And what happened what’s happening to Vista? IT’S FLUNKING!


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Handwriting, like giving change, is probably becoming a lost art. There was an article some time age called The multitasking generation. This article was a great article, along with Turn it off kids! to bring people to a relization about how much we, (kids and adults) rely on technology. Just about a week ago I went into a gas station to buy some water. I got it and went up the the counter. The attendant then proceeded to attempt to count my coins that I had brought. He had a very hard time, resulting in just taking what I told him was the price and then me leaving, with a smile and a laugh later on. Later my Dad said that people used to be able to count change ! like that. Not anymore. That’s just like handwriting. In another article called Don’t fear the digital by STEVEN JOHNSON, he said “A penmanship expert would look at that sorry trend and say, “What a disaster! The adoption of the personal computer has led to a marked deterioration of an important communication skill.” But that assessment would be meaningless without factoring in all the benefits I’ve enjoyed from switching to the keyboard. Not only can I put words together at 10 times the speed of using pen and paper, but I can also transfer those words to the digital realm, where they can be edited, spell-checked, e-mailed, quoted, blogged and Googled.” this is probably true with most people today. If you can either painstakingly write so that other people can read it or speedily type and spell check your words all at once, which would you choose? now if I had the Fly pentop computer then that would bedifferent. Then I wouldn’t need to be at my computer to record my thoughts for a blog, I could write them down then later sending them to my PC. Ahh, technology, it’s two sided. Great and bad at the same time.

February 24, 2008

My new website

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This is my new website.

Why write a Blog.

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The only reason to write a blog is to 1. keep track of some of your thoughts on the subject of your blog 2. to share your life with other people 3. to share your thoughts with other people. Thats why I write this.

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