March 2, 2008

A computer needs sleep to.

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A computer needs sleep to. Recently I wasn’t turning off my PC and it was getting really slow. I was getting pretty mad because I had been running CCleaner, AdAware and a virus scan about daily and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then I actually turned the computer off and it was like it was brand new (compared to what it was like)! I couldn’t believe it! since then I usually turn it off for the night as much as I can. And another thing. You can’t leave a program running. I, okay, my mom, left Firefox open and it gradually took up more and more CPU usage as it was left on there longer, kinda like a person after him/her has been working for awhile. I knew that it kept taking up more and more because when you open Firefox it takes up about, oh, 5 to 10% tops and when I opened Windows Task Manager later on it was taking up about 50-70%! and all it was doing was sitting with Firefox open to a Amazon shopping cart. And running programs like TrueTransparency will drain my resources too. As I got to shit down the computer it takes awhile to open the window with the option with TrueTransparency. And if you’re running Microsoft Office 2007, don’t get me started! it takes up a pretty good amount of CPU usage! and that’s because, just like all of Microsoft’ new software, it’s looks go hand-in-had with Vista. And what happened what’s happening to Vista? IT’S FLUNKING!


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