March 10, 2008

Ooh, your on the bleeding edge, so what?

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There’s a whole bunch of new things coming out all the time. There’s new software, hardware such as, faster hard drives, better graphic cards and the oh so cool new headset the really hasn’t changed any from your last one. As for software, there’s new security programs coming out all the time, such as IE8 Beta, Firefox 3 beta 2 and a host of other programs. Then on top of that, after you’ve downloaded the new version of Firefox, Firefox 3 Beta 2, you figure out that it wont work for all the things you want it to! and the same for hardware, you buy a new flash drive and then, lo and behold, the next time you go to the store it’s marked at half the price it was when you bought it! my point being, there’s no point in being on the bleeding edge of technology, sure it’s fun going up to your friend and saying, “oh, check out my sweet iPhone” or “IE8 works so much better than IE7, I can’t believe your using IE7 still” that’s all great but not everyone needs to have the newest. If something works for you and doesn’t compromise your productivity keep it. With the exception of security software. Always want to be on the bleeding edge there.


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