XP V.S Vista

This is a pie chart of the Market share for operating systems as of 2008.


Notice the percentage of XP and the percentage of Vista.

XP V.S Vista

Windows XP V.S Vista (pronounced vis-tu)

Download XP SP3 (XP service Pack 3)

Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate

Download Vista SP1 (Vista Service Pack 1)

Windows Vista SP3 preview available to all

Windows Vista: the definitive review

Well here we are looking at the new versus the old. At first glance you would probably think Vista beats XP by far, It uses the Aero Interface. You can’t download it for Windows XP as far as I know. Too bad, but you can download TrueTransparency. This program let’s the border of the window look like it would if you were running the Aero interface, the Mac interface, Contact interface etc. We could built our own Vista, maybe, imagine that. Modifying XP’ interface so that it not only worked how we wanted it to but it also looked like we wanted it to. I guess Vista is somewhat improved. It supposedly only improved on the Looks not the technology. I haven’t used Vista so I can’t really comment on that. That’s about it. I mean, look at Sascha Segan, he kept coming back to XP for much needed applications that Mac and Vista didn’t have. I guess there are some good things about Vista, none I know of (Because like I said, I haven’t used Vista) but here’s a page with plenty of Vista Info Vista Info

20 Ways to Keep Your Windows XP System Fresh
Does Vista Matter?

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good features to Vista, there are plenty. If you do decide to buy Vista then definitely use this guide. Your best bet is to dual boot Windows XP and Vista on one computer. If you could.

The Insiders Guide To Windows Vista

Switching from Vista to XP: the truth. Warts and all guide to ditching Vista

Windows’ Words Of Doom

FAQ: Microsoft kills Vista ‘kill switch’

OS X Leopard Feels Like Windows Vista
And will it go down like Vista? Well it sure doesn’t look like it will.

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 beta
No idea if this’ll help you, I have the XP SP2 on my computer.

Microsoft kills free Windows Vista & Office deal
It was great until they stopped it, that was almost enough to make me want to buy Vista. Microsoft Office is irreplaceable.

A guy at a Dell Service store said, and I quote “I would rather but a Mac than buy a PC with Vista. I run a flight simulator and it took me ten days to tweak Vista so it would recognize the software.” End quote. Wow, that was a really negative review, I mean, I’ve heard plenty of reviews (most bad) but this one, wow. He works with Dell PCs every day, he must know every trick, shortcut, and way to fix anything that goes wrong and he would “…rather buy a Mac than a PC with Vista.”

More on switching back to XP By Tech-for Everyone.

Another option if you have Vista would be to run a Virtual PC. This comes built in with Vista I think but if not you can download it at this website. IT will give you the option for a 32 bit or 64 bit.

Conversations on the subject of the Security, Mac and a couple other things. To read the article click on the link. diarrheaBot

diarrheaBot, on February 7th, 2008 at 9:30 pm Said:

Computerempire Admin, thanks for all the good points, a few responses:

I have to say I disagree with your advice about turning off manual updates. Most people who turn them off will forget to check them altogether. Not getting patches directly from the writers of the application only exposes you to extra risk. I would say the chance of an attacker exploiting an hole in an automatic update system is much lower than the risk of running software that is out of date (even by a few weeks)

“…the Mac OS Is a modified version of Linux. It’s also much more secure because a study conducted this year said that only 16 percent of the world runs a Mac.”
Actually, Max OS X is a modified version of BSD, which is similar to, but not Linux. Also, the market share of Mac is well below 16%. Its below 5%.

About getting Viruses, yes, online behavior has a very strong impact on your likelihood to get Viruses or have your computer compromised in some way. Porn sites and pirated software are sure bets on the best ways to get your machine in trouble. Its the equivalent of going to the “bad side of town.”

Good point about phishing, I’m surprised I forgot to mention it. I should add that to the main article.

Thanks for your point about passwords on paper – but Bruce Schneier agrees with me, so I’ll keep doing that )

Thanks a ton for all the good comments.

computerempire, on February 8th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

I’d like to call your attention to an article about Mac security.,2817,2256892,00.asp

computerempire, on February 8th, 2008 at 9:01 pm Said:

If you selected the option “Notify Me but don’t automatically update or install them” you will have no problems with remembering to check for updates. There’s an article I would like to call your attention to called Beware Fake Windows Update Sites. You can read the article here:,2817,2256892,00.asp

On the Apple website in Get a Mac under “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.” It says “…Mac keeps its clean bill of health with a superior UNIX foundation…” (you can read that on their website here:

Also. According to LinuxInsider “…Linux is Unix. Duh. Even Scott McNealy has said so…”
I was totally wrong about the 16 percent part, saying 16 percent of the world uses a Mac isn’t correct because Not everyone in the world uses a computer. Period.

I’d also like to tell you about an article called Mac needs Security software too. You can read this article here:,2704,2256494,00.asp

End Article Conversation.

John C Dvorak said in his latest page in PC Mag –> Inside Track “What keeps some companies from developing a new OS for the basic PC architecture? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of Microsoft? It’s amazing that someone hasn’t taken a look at Microsoft’s margins and profits and money in and said to himself “Wow, why can’t I do that?”
until Vista nobody had considered the possibility. After all, we’ve got the Apple MacBased on a Linux-like underpinning And Linux. These two products have probably discouraged developers more than anything else, since they have not taken over the world. Apple’s OS X has the reputation that it runs only on propriety hardware, so it doesn’t count.”


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