February 24, 2008

Contact Me

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You can contact me by sending me a comment at the bottom of the page with your email attached.


February 21, 2008

Office 2007

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I just got the 2007 Office suite (Standard edition) today and It’s not all great. It’s OK but I would give it a 2 out of 5 so far.

It looks great but I think it was made for a more Vista ready machine. It looks like a Vista ad-on anyway.
It’s hard on the CPU usage to. I was running Microsoft Word 2007, I was running through the different ways to view it the page, and when I got to the Full Screen Reading page it just about froze. I say just about because it was shaking all over, it looked like someone on Windows Live Messenger was sending Microsoft Word a nudge. I downloaded the Office 2007 SP1 (Service Pack 1) so I’m going to try the Full Screen Reading pane again and see if it doesn’t mess up again. I then had to totally shut the computer down because I couldn’t do anything. Including ending the process in Windows Task Manager.

Well I tried it again and it did the same thing but when I tried to close it it actually closed. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another Office SP and just not use that pane. At least this time a SP did something, eh?

Power Point and Excel are okay though, no problems yet.

February 15, 2008

About My site part two.

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My site is mostly about the computer and some of my experiences with certain programs. Here you can find a review of Skype and Remote Assistance along with a full page of information concerning the subject of PC vs Mac. My page PC V.S Mac includes the percentage of the world that uses Mac and the percentage using PC. You can also find the percentage of people using XP, Vista, Linux, SunOS and more.

December 13, 2007

Hosting Websites

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I visited and it’s not half as easy to use as WordPress. You only get one page. Not half as many options as you do in WordPress. It does have it’s advantages though, every hosting website will. The templates aren’t as nice as WordPress also. WordPress is the best so far.

I started our with It was a pretty good start, I guess. Fairly good features. Free email, games and a couple other things. I can’t remember if then it let me have more pages than the basic, Home, Blog, Links and Photos but now you can have up to 10 pages for free. You can also password protect the pages now, not only uing a password but a username to. WordPress only uses a password. Zoomshare also provides a file storage feature. But Zoomshare does put ads on your website. A big drawback. But it also has a free chat feature so you can put a chat room into you page (See my page Things to be aware of for info on the drawbacks of chat rooms)I then went to and built a website there. (See the website I built here) Freewebs limited me to 10 pages I think and that’s why I came looking for a better website host. Freewebs also limits you page sizes, which was a huge drawback for me. Freewebs does have some good features though, the cursor was a neat feature. You can put a clock to follow your cursor and a couple other features. Though you have to have ads on your website. Here at WordPress you don’t have to have any ads at all. I have to say though, WordPress comes in first, currently, Zoomshare second and Freewebs third.

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