Uncategorized things I don’t have enough of for a new page.

Viewing a page in your sidebar is so cool! Very hand too if your trying to find a reference or searching for something. Here are the instructions from


This only works in Mozilla Firefox

Putting a Web page in the Firefox sidebar is a roundabout process. Point your browser to the site you’d like to use. For example, you might try for a slim version of the popular email site. When the page loads, click Bookmarks and choose Bookmark This Page. Enter a name for the bookmark in the dialog box.

Click Bookmarks again and choose Organize Bookmarks. Scroll down to your new bookmark and click once to select it. Click Properties. Select the Load This Bookmark In The Sidebar check box. Click OK and then close the Bookmarks Manager.

Back in the main browser window, click Bookmarks and select your new bookmark from the list. The sidebar immediately pops into view on the left. If you try to open a link it automatically opens it in a new tab. is a great place to find out what your system is using hardware wise, decide what to upgrade and in general, learn more about your system. is another great website that will do just about the same thing.

Custimize your mouse pointers.

1. Click Start and open Control Panel.
2.Click Appearence and Themes
3.Under See Also click Mouse Pointers
4.On the Pointers tab do one of the following:

  • To switch all of your pointers at once click on the Schemes list and try out some of the options.
  • If you want to change them one by one then click on one, click Browse, click on the desired pointer, hourglass etcetra and click Apply. Do the same with all the rest you want to change.

    5.Click Apply and then OK to close the procedure.

    Jumping Through EULA Hoops This is a good article concerning end-user license agreements (EULAs).
    Facebook Kills All Your Memories This is a good article if your a person that keeps their email as a kind of journal. I plan to start doing this but watch out for “Stickiness” See article for details.

    !!END NOTE!!

    Brightening Your Screen.



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